The one with a recovering perfectionist + passing out

July 7, 2021 ✨ Cattail Life

The one with a recovering perfectionist + passing out

You know those big mamba-jamba copper or silver colored staples that help keep a rather large cardboard box together?

Like when you get something from a hardware store and it may or may not be too big to carry.

And if you are carrying it, you're hoping people will kindly step aside as you're awkwardly clunking down the isle with only half your field of vision.

Yeah, those ones.

So it was late Friday night and I had just opened up one of those boxes.

Which took quite a bit of force and a long screwdriver to pry those bad boys open, fyi.

If you're a cat lover/owner then you know newly-emptied cardboard boxes are practically a cousin to fresh catnip in a kitty world.

So, yes, in darts Essi.

If you're new to our Cattail Life world, Essi is my 15 pound handsome, adventure-cat, tabby (that I'm confident has bengal in him).

He's playing, he's hiding, he's making commotion in the box. He's happy.

  • The resident/housemate dog notices there's a cardboard box making noise and wrestling around.
  • Cat hiding in a box + dog interested in box noises = cat scrambling and abruptly attempting to get out of box.

Fast forward four days later...

  • Said cat is getting brushed (he loves it) and I noticed a whole section of matted hair - like he'd rolled around in syrup. (VERY abnormal for this always-clean boy.)

Fun fact about cats - did you know they are SUPER GOOD at hiding pain?

Pain like... he got a HUGE gash on his leg and I "discovered" it four days later 😭! Hello, mamba jamba staples in the box.

So now it's a Wednesday morning, we're at the vet hospital, they've just taken Essi back to receive SEVEN STAPLES(!!!) in his leg and the room began to darken.

Darkening room, tingling arms and legs, face feels fuzzy...

Oh man, I'm about to pass out!

So did I actually pass out?

Yes. Yes I did.

And I'm thankful nobody came in and found me during that time.

"Coming to" with a group of medical peeps sticking probes on you is so not ideal. #healthjourney #pastexperiences


Seven staples (which required triple the amount of sedation than normal 😳) later, Essi is brought back into the room where I am.

In the list of things to do, not do, watch for,

"...bring him back in 10-14 days to have the staples removed."

"Well is it 10 or 14 or somewhere in between? How will I know?!"

"You'll be able to tell; you'll know."

Really? Will I really though?

Too soon and it won't be healed up enough.

Too long and it'll heal around the staples and it'll re-injure him to pull them out.


The amount of pressure I was feeling in that moment to get it right (to do it perfectly) was off. the. charts.

Did it matter? Oh, for sure.


additional life circumstances surrounding that dreadful Wednesday morning were also definite contributing factors.

A few days and lots of catnaps with Essi later,

I was reflecting on the intensity of perfectionism I was experiencing on the timing of getting his staples out.

I mean, it IS my baby's wellbeing we're talking about, so the stakes are much higher than let's say - a math or spelling test.

Sure, that's a flashback to school, but the ways this pressure spilled over into other areas of life... whoa.

It also caused me to think about all the pressure many put on themselves and their body when they're desiring healing or change.

Whether pursuing wellness/prevention or desperate to heal, many glare down the path of, "how to get/be healthy" with such fierceness that it's actually adding more stress to the body (and mind) and thus working against the very thing they're most desiring - to get and be well.

That's why within My Cattail Club we simplify healthy living, focus on progress over perfection, celebrate aaaall the changes and awareness nuggets along the way, and rest in our body doing the right thing at the right time.

You're always welcome to join us!

PS - if the kitty-sized collars (cone) are too small for your muscle kitty, a toddler onesie is a good (and better, in my opinion) alternative.

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