Is your water healthy? Part 2

August 10, 2021 ✨ Cattail Life

Is your water healthy? Part 2

Is it hot where you are?

We know that water hydrates and is refreshing to drink.

Here are more fun facts about water and why we need it

  • It regulates body temperature (hello cooling off!)
  • It helps maintain blood pressure. A lack of water can cause blood to become thicker
  • It delivers oxygen throughout the body. Blood is more than 90% water, and blood carries oxygen to different parts of the body

In Part 1 I introduced seven different kinds of water.

  • Tap
  • Bottled
  • Distilled
  • Alkaline
  • "Vitamin"
  • Filtered tap
  • Magical

Part 2 continues with the remaining three, and of course my favorite -- the magical water that changed my world!

"Vitamin" water - this one gets quotes around it because it's, unfortunately, a marketing tactic designed straight for people like us who are genuinely seeking to better our health... and is just as unhealthy as soda!

These contain dangerous high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial colors, additives, preservatives and caffeine. And, to make it worse - these manufacturers use distilled water to make it, which, as you can read in Part 1, is one of the worst types of water you can put into your body!

Filtered tap water -

Reverse Osmosis Filter - a pretty good option. Most remove chlorine, inorganic & organic contaminants, and roughly 80% of fluoride.

Downside - pricey and likely needs a professional plumber to install it.

Ion Exchange Filter - designed to remove dissolved salts in the water, such as calcium, it also softens the water by exchanging natural-forming mineral ions in the water with its own ions.

Granular Carbon and Carbon Block Filters - these are the most common for counter top and under counter filters. Both remove contaminants by way of absorption because the contaminants will stick to the filter itself.

Downside with granular activated carbon - water can eventually cause a pathway rut that increases with time, meaning the filter "holes" become bigger and contaminants will escape through.

Saving the best for last...

"Magical" water - typically referred to as living water, I merely call it magical because I could not only taste the difference, I could feel it in my body as well.

Living water, like "living food" is in its raw, natural state the way nature intended. "Living foods" contain biophotons, small units of light stored by all organic organisms, including you.

The sun doesn't just give us natural light during the day, it infuses small units of light which then yields energy into all living organisms. Think of your houseplants, vegetable gardens, etc. All living things need the light and energy given to us from the sun.

Gravity-fed spring water is alive in much the same way. No, not the "mountain spring water" in the plastic gallon jugs in the grocery stores. I mean "for real" water that's outside and you bottle it yourself.

When I was told about a magical spring in Minnesota, and how it was "the best tasting water on the planet," of course I had to try it out.

You know what? They weren't kidding! So clean and pure and delicious. And when I drank it, I wanted to drink even more - like my body knew it was more than just hydrating, it was being infused with so much more.

Go to where you can find a natural spring in your area.

My recommendation - make a day of it! Enjoy your water and adventure along the way.

Ready to up your hydration game further? Grab my Hydration tips below.

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