Eat street, twinkle lights and hard things

June 22, 2021 ✨ Cattail Life

Eat street, twinkle lights and hard things

"Easy street" makes me think of "eat street."

It's a lovely street in part of the heart of Minneapolis that's lined with all sorts of restaurants.

(Okay, that's not what the name says on the official street sign, but if you're a local, you know it as 'eat street'. Call it by anything else and you're officially recognized as a tourist.)

I remember the first time I went to 'eat street'.

The temperatures were cooler, I was bundled up with layers and scarves, and the twinkle lights had me mesmerized.

Nope, wasn't even around Christmas time.

And yet there they were - greeting me like a warm hug.

The soft glow of the white twinkles will get me every time.

Do they feel super magical to you too? <sigh>

Alright, back to EASY street...

Do you ever want to NOT do something because it's hard?

I mean, okay, I'm not sure many of us are lining up shouting,

"Gimme the hard thing. I like hard things."


What if that's the very reason TO do them.

And by "what if," I mean, it totally is the reason.

Hard things are what make us stronger. We can’t get stronger if we don’t do hard things.

As cliche as that sounds, stick with me.

You can’t become who you want to be on easy street.

You just can't.

If we attempt (or succeed) at making things easier then we can't expect to grow.

I know we've all heard some version of this before, and hear me out, this is NOT another message meant to 'cheerlead' for "more."

More hustle.
More push harder.
More striving.

There may be times and seasons where we're invited to 'grind it out', but I'm not about that as a lifestyle.

Sometimes we want to figure out an easier way to do something because, well, then we'll actually do it.

It's done.

But in that process, did YOU actually show up?
Were you impacted by it?
Did you get to grow into a different version of yourself in the process?

Releasing weight.
Incorporating healthier behaviors and boundaries.
Growing a new health-investing habit.
Whatever it may be...

The process can feel hard.

But why?

The biggest reason - our thoughts.

Our thoughts create our feelings. (Yes, these can be subconscious thoughts.)

The solution - pay attention to how this goal, task, process is making you feel.

And then assess.

When you know that your thoughts create your feelings, you know you can change them. And the more you change your thoughts about something, the better.

Instead of trying to change the circumstance to make it easy so then your thoughts will change, change your thoughts. Do not quit, do not change the thing that you’re attempting to do to make it easier so your thoughts will change. Change your thoughts so you can do the harder thing to become stronger, to do the thing that will make you grow, to do the thing that will make you accomplish something that you will actually be proud of on the other side of it.
-Brooke Castillo, Life Coach

We don't want to be known as the person who takes easy street.

There's no real respect or honor in that.

We want to be continually growing into the best versions of ourselves.

To be stronger.

More resilient.

Better able to handle hard things.

More equipped for the invitations life will bring in the seasons ahead.

And hold our heads up with humble confidence of the character we're choosing to have as a guidepost through life.

Take inventory.
Feel the feelings.
Process them.
Adjust where needed.
And do the hard thing.
You've got it.
You were made for it.
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