Does Heat + Meat = DangerousđŸ’¥??

August 24, 2021 ✨ Cattail Life

Does Heat + Meat = DangerousđŸ’¥??

Okay, help me settle a debate,

Do you call it grilling or barbecuing?

Growing up on the west coast any time you put something on the grill to cook, it was barbecuing.

Didn't matter if it was chicken or veggies or fish.

It was BBQ for dinner.

Then I spent a decade in the south and learned that BBQ is a food group all in itself!

No matter what you call it when you're cooking on a grill, I want to offer you some caution.

Heat + Meat = Dangerous Chemical Combination

Researchers in one study found that consumption of grilled, barbecued, and smoked meats, specifically those that contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), can increase risk for breast cancer and also increase mortality rates after having breast cancer.

The primary health issue with grilling has to do with chemical compounds that grilling releases into your body. Here’s the basic gist: when meat is cooked at high temperatures (like grilling), it causes chemical reactions that release toxins into the air, onto the food, and, ultimately, into our bodies.

One of our deep dives this month within My Cattail Club was how to still enjoy grilling - in ways that support your health, not detract from it.

Here are a few notes from our deep dive for you to incorporate for betting grilling practices.

  1. Slow, low-temperature cooking is best.
  2. Trim the fat off the meat before grilling to help reduce the amount of PAHs.
  3. Marinate, marinate, marinate. Good news: the best way to give your meat some more flavor might also be the most effective way to make it safer.
  4. Avoid grilling hot dogs, bratwurst, and other processed meats, as these seem to be among the worst offenders.

Happy grilling!
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