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Are you sacrificing 4 months for 4 days?

The holiday season is 4 months long (November through February; Halloween through Valentine's). When it gets to be the Fall ...
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Straight from the oncologist’s mouth

Imagine you've gone with a friend to her appointment with the oncologist and you hear these words, Oncologist: "Do you ...
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What you can be doing NOW for your immune system, Vol. 1

I thought grandma was crazy for buttering the bread AND then adding peanut butter to call it a sandwich. Granted ...
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10 ways to calm concussion symptoms and anxiety

Do anniversaries cause you to reflect? They sure cause me to. There were quite a few opportunities for reflection in ...
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Breaking Up With Sugar

114 POUNDS OF SUGAR!! Statistically speaking, seeing as we're 3/4 of the way through the year, if you live in ...
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5 Steps to Start Healing From a Keto Diet

How I transitioned OUT of, and healed from, a keto lifestyle. Quick recap - the keto diet is similar to ...
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Unpopular opinion: Keto diet

Abs for daaaaaays! His FB post image: his washboard abs. His post content: he's now 55, has obvious abs of ...
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5 ways to spruce up your morning routine

I have yet to meet a woman who says she does NOT want better productivity, alertness, and overall 'umph' in ...
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Does Heat + Meat = Dangerousūüí•??

Okay, help me settle a debate, Do you call it grilling or barbecuing? Growing up on the west coast any ...
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Is your water healthy? Part 2

Is it hot where you are? We know that water hydrates and is refreshing to drink. Here are more fun ...
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