Because life is meant to
be experienced.

At Cattail Life we believe life is meant to be experienced, not just lived. When we choose to be intentional in our choices, alive to our days, and aware in the beauty of the ordinary, life is experienced and extraordinary. Women choose to live a Cattail Life because they value increasing their awareness, taking imperfect action in their growth, and being alive to experience it with joy.

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What you'll get:


People say I wear it all on my sleeves. I'm mostly okay with that 😉. I lead with humble confidence, an awareness that science is ever-changing, and from personal experience. I won't promise you the moon, but I'll promise to moon gaze with you as we reflect on our seasons and journeys of life. Yes, that is a box of gourmet truffles. And yes, I'll share with you.


I believe we can go from caterpillars to butterflies multiple times in various areas and aspects in our one wondrous life. Sometimes (oftentimes) our transformations come from an accumulation of the seemingly ordinary moments and choices that all add up, and other times God sees fit to do a bigger overhaul in more of an overnight fashion. Our role? Work with God's design, not against it.


Experiences foster memory-making. Memory-making facilitates transformation, joy, and a beautiful life.

amazing experiences:


My Cattail Club Digital + Deluxe

Want to simplify healthy living without feeling deprived, overwhelmed, or out of control of your own health? We hear you, see you, and welcome you. Join a community of women where you can show up - the real you, just as you are - and be 100% welcomed, while also getting the tools for change. My Cattail Club mentors you in healthy living, with sustainable steps (read: no crazy diets, extremes or perfection required) - broken down into small, bite-sized pieces. After all, we're here to build a lifestyle, not go through the next yo-yo fad.

Seasonal Delights

Basically like sprinkles of Christmas popping up throughout the year. Limited Edition gift boxes, life-altering workshops, virtual game nights, spa kits... all things wonderful, self-care-ing, and carefully curated to invest in your hope, health and wholeness.


Nourishing Cattails

Tired of the pressures, busyness and distractions of the day-to-day that can open a door to internal and external voices and prods to strive for... hustle at... Better. Faster. More? The wrestles of the 'too much' and 'not enough'? Nourishing Cattails is an invitation for you to pause. Come, just as you are, and learn to partner with God to foster the hospitality your soul desires.

Love Notes
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Janelle is not your typical coach speaker. Yes, she is intelligent and well-informed. Yes, she encourages. Yes, she challenges. And yes, she inspires audiences in a variety of settings regarding a variety of topics. But what sets Janelle apart is her keen ability to deftly wade through volumes of complex scientific, social, medical and nutritional research and repackage it in such a "joyfully meaningful" and relatable way. Having experienced her in action as she guides diverse audiences on colorful & interactive mind-trips, I am often impressed with how she helps people of all ages connect to the expanding joy of implementing truly healthy lifestyle choices. I walk away from each of her life-affirming workshops and workout sessions with a new understanding, technique and/or tactic to add to my Wellness Toolkit.

Janelle is joy-rising and the seeds of I-Can-Do-This she plants in your heart will change your world!


I have greater awareness of toxins in foods, therefore me and my family are eating cleaner. I appreciate that it's a one-stop shop. I'm busy & don't have time to research & go everywhere to get all the items.


Janelle is such an awesome coach! All of her material is very well researched and thorough. Her presentations are entertaining, educational, interactive and fun. She always brings her experience and sincerity to the information she is sharing. You will not be disappointed.


For years I wanted to lose weight and pursue a healthier lifestyle, but all my efforts were short-lived. One day I went to a seminar where Janelle was speaking. Janelle’s contagious enthusiasm for living a healthy life, along with her ability to teach in such an easy to understand way, made all the difference for me. Not only did she inspire me to make it happen, but she taught me so much in the process. As my personal “get healthy” coach, she outlined a plan for me to follow to correct problem areas, and celebrated my successes with me each step along the way. I will be forever grateful for the privilege of starting my journey to a healthier life by working with Janelle.

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