With resilience and a very small sliver of hope, I rebuilt life.


The first time I was only 25 and doing all the "right" things to be healthy. And still my health crashed. In a bad kind of way. The second time was 12 years later with an auto-accident-caused brain injury.

Now, after hundreds of hours of research, and a ton of experience rebuilding my life and health, I help women ready for natural and holistic solutions,
simplify healthy living.

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For many years I walked in what felt like bondage in several areas of life.

Physical bondage as my body seemed to reject me more and more with the passing days. Mental and emotional bondage resulting from childhood trauma and the depression that came with failing health. And belief bondage as the voices I heard over and over told me this was simply the life I was dealt and nothing could be done about it.

Thankfully, bondage was not my life sentence. It's not yours either!

After reversing seven (chronic, autoimmune, life-impacting and depressing) diagnoses in my late twenties, walking a long journey of brain injury recovery in my late thirties, and submitting to being a work-in-progress while taking imperfect-action, my desire is to bring hope to all that will listen.

A carrier of joy, a lover of adventure, and one of the most curious gals there is, I love to have fun and have been referred to as a feisty pixie. I love music and the beauty of creation in the outdoors. I'm passionate about authenticity, people living in greater life and freedom, busting health myths, and I desperately desire others to walk in all Jesus has for them. When you choose to say yes to yourself, believe that you are not only worthy of, but also capable of, healthy living - holistically; when you choose hope and daily take imperfect action... I'll know I've done my job.

I belive in:

Romantic gestures, thoughtfulness, redemption, integrity, the power of words, humble confidence, afternoon siestas, and Jesus.

Special talents:

Organizing #allthethings, planning surprise adventures to places I've never been to, and my serious struggle to open lids on bottles and jars.

Daily favorites:

Snuggles with Mae, flossing my teeth, face pampering with oils, spa time with Essi, and nourishing with scrumptious foods.

I'm not about:

Meanness, inauthenticity, unwillingness to grow, passivity, stuckness.













A few of my favorite things... because

Real, authentic relationships. Windows down on a cool fall day. The accomplishment of a triathlon.

Rebuilding life from hard experiences. Trader Joe's flowers. Moving through life because of, and with, grace.

Cattails (8)

One little love...


This adventure cat is one of my favorite exploration buddies. He loves car rides, being outdoors, and the sound of the shower running
(he fights to be in the bathroom when I shower - like it's his own little spa time).


Perfectly paired with kombucha...


Grass-fed meats & cheeses, gluten free crackers, olives, fruit, pickles, raw nuts... charcuterie boards for life!

SplitRock camping

Forests + camping...

Feed my soul

Life is sweet in hammock, on a cliff, with hot mushroom coffee on a brisk morning and Essi nearby.


Second little love...


The sweetest, cuddliest, most playful girl around.


My favorite combination...

Mountains + Water

Wonder. Peace. Excitement. Adventure. These are things that pour generously into my soul.


It captivates me...

The sky

Sunrise, sunset and everywhere in between, the sky captures me. However, sunrise is my happy hour.

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This or that (5)


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Take a vacation in France.


Meet children I've sponsored overseas.


Visit every continent.


Honeymoon via a multiple-month-long trip around the world.


Fund a home for people needing healing & rest.


Spend a month in a remote village of Africa.


Ride a helicopter in a majestic place.


Write a book.


Help others build & leave a beautiful legacy.

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14 Refreshing Summer Recipes

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Hydration Made Easy -
12 Tips, Tools & More

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